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At Orchid Risk, we are experts in all sectors of security training. The diversity of our backgrounds and perspectives give us the range of expertise needed to meet your requirements. We draw upon experienced personnel from specialist units, ensuring we only employ the highest level of qualified personnel. All of our training courses are conducted by qualified and experienced instructors with vast industry knowledge. This includes our Close Protection Training, Fast Track Close Protection Training, Combined Close Protection and First Person on Scene Intermediate.

Our SIA Close Protection Training courses are a requirement for individuals wishing to work in the security industry. Under the Private Security Industry Authority Act 2001, you must undertake a recognised accredited course. We provide candidates with the relevant SIA ‘Specifications for Learning and Qualifications for Close Protection Operatives’.

These courses are practical, intensive, and conducted by qualified experienced instructors with vast industry knowledge. They have credible Special Forces & Elite Police backgrounds, and are fully qualified with unlimited experience to deliver this specific type of training.

Our intensive twelve-day Close Protection Training is focused on working as a Close Protection Officer (CPO), as well as planning, preparing and supporting a Close Protection Operation. This is in addition to conflict management within the Private Security industry.

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Fast Track Close Protection Training

This Fast Track Close Protection Training Refresher course is for candidates who have previously received formal training and now require a SIA Close Protection license. If you’ve trained with a Special Air Service Regiment Body Guard Course, Royal Military Police Close Protection course, Metropolitan Police Royal Protection/Special Branch, or Police National Close Protection Courses including Northern Ireland, this is for you.

Our instructors have credible Special Forces and Elite Police backgrounds, are all fully qualified with unlimited experience to deliver this specific type of training. On completion of this course, and an application for a SIA license for Close Protection, it’s important to maintain your license every three years.

Combined Close Protection and First Person on Scene

This course combines our Close Protection Training with our First Person on Scene (FPOS) qualification. The Close Protection section of this combined course is our standard training course for this sector, as outlined above. However, an addition to the standard course can be included. Hostile Environment Close Protection including firearms can be added and are certified separately.

The Edexcel First Person on Scene is a Level 2 BTEC Award IHCD, which aims to provide immediate life support to the patient pending arrival of definitive pre-hospital care. Our course delivery is a combination of classroom and appropriate practical scenario based content.

This course is suitable for Close Protection Officers (CPO), Community First Responders, Emergency Services; Fire and Police, and organisations where an advanced level of first aid is required. Our instructors have first hand, extensive, current, and relevant experience across all aspects of all subjects.

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